Saturday, October 18, 2008

Woogi World?

This is a game/site/virtual world that helps teach kids about how to be good people by using virtual gaming. I'm not endorsing it - just suggesting that it might bear some closer scrutiny.

According to the the blog entry (linked below): is the ONLY children’s virtual world that is benefiting society!
  1. WW promotes BALANCE by bringing elementary children online to learn, and motivates them (through points and prizes), to apply their learning through offline experiences.
  2. WW games, activities and adventures teach and promote positive behavior and character development.
  3. WW actively promotes selfless serving as it discourages materialism, greed, and hoarding.
  4. WW teaches the “Power of One” as it motivates and rewards families to get involved in charitable organizations.
  5. WW promotes, teaches and rewards healthy, active living—physical, mental and emotional fitness.
  6. WW’s full program is free to all children.
  7. NO Fortune 500 corporation owns or controls CW, so we maintain complete autonomy over WW.
  8. WW’s sponsorship model allows corporate America to actively participate in the process of teaching leadership, integrity, critical thinking and community participation.
  9. WW is endorsed by lawmakers, government and private organizations.
  10. WW is distributed to, and nationally endorsed by elementary schools.
  11. WW games, activities, and adventures are critically-thinking couched, thus assisting elementary schools and staff to meet national NCLB (No Child Left Behind) mandates.
  12. WW is committed to providing a meaningful environment where children and their families continually learn how unique and important they and their contributions truly are.
Caveat: I've only glanced through the site. Anyway, read the whole blog entry, and then check out the Woogi World for your kids, to see if you think it's worth considering. If anyone knows more about it, I'd love some feedback (polite, of course).

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