Wednesday, January 28, 2009

African Soil Map

I have a particular fondness for science and technology. Appropriate Technology is the consideration these things while being mindful of actually making the world a better place, rather than disrupting people to no gain.1

This project to map the African soilscape is most appropriate.

1 Off-topic note: I bear a couple of degrees in technology from the University of Missouri. I once (about fifteen years ago) declared in an upper-level class that Appropriate Technology was a bogus concept because technology is a set of tools that represented progress. I thought at the time that I had an insightful notion about the crushing advance of progress and since it was inexorable to consider this so-called AT was foolish. Turns out I was just a cocky little dumb-ass. Oh well, I guess it happens. Anyway, this is me apologizing to Dr. Michael Wright who was trying to correct my juvenile misperception at the time. :-)

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