Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Civility Solution

Another book by the same author that wrote Choosing Civility that I posted yesterday. This one focuses on how to deal effectively (and politely) with the rudeness of others. His main point, is that if you deal with the rudeness of others with rudeness yourself, all it does is make the situation more rude and acrimonious. Rarely does the original rude person think "gee, I should have been polite" after you been rude back.

Anyway, the book is called The Civility Solution: What to Do When People Are Rude and it's got 4 of 5 stars at Amazon, and I think it could be a helpful book - how to derail rude behavior in others, without resorting to rudeness yourself. I might add, the only two people who have given it anything other than 5 stars, was someone who was complaining about Amazon's service (not the book itself), and the other called it "namby-pamby", and as most of the comments point out - the reader may have missed the point, or misapplied the scenarios.

Anyway, if you've read the book, I'd love comments about it here.

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